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The photo series touched several topics concerning the relationship of architecture and photography: Aircraft Carrier surveys the period between two crises of capitalism, andto understand the radical change in Israeli architecture. Together, these elements, shaped by territorial struggles and energy crises, dramatically transformed Israeli architecture. The exhibition deals with this transformative period and with the American influences through which its innovations, programa para arquitetura online tragedies, were enabled.

The exhibition is accompanied by a book, published by German publisher Hatje Cantz and edited by the curators, which contextualizes the phenomena in larger transformative processes.

Architecture from the Air: Part I By Fernando Guerra Programa para arquitetura online most of us, architecture is predominantly experienced from the ground, but there is something about the aerial view that fascinates.

More often than not, it remains the privilege of high-rise living or part of the fun of flying, but it also reveals a rare way of experiencing design and one that shows architecture within its surroundings from a unique angle; be it a single building, a complex or a landscape. To bring you a new, elevated perspective, we've teamed up with portuguese photographer Fernando Guerra.

He and his team have been experimenting with cameras attached to a lightweight, flying drone. For part one of a new series, we show you a selection of new and recent architecture projects in Portugal and beyond - all seen from air, programa para arquitetura online.

Check back soon for the next instalment. Fernando Guerra has been behind a camera since he was 16 years old. His life has taken him on a considerable journey to document the most pivotal architecture of our generation. You might not know it, but you know his fim do exame oab. After working with Guerra for the past two years, publishing an array of his photographs on KNSTRCT, we thought it was time to hear the voice of such a monumental figure in the world of architecture.

It will be online forever. These works will never cease being available online. It ends up almost being a time capsule.


Galaxy Soho by Zaha Hadid architects Shoot by Fernando Guerra in Beijing last December "Galaxy Soho constitutes a new office, retail and entertainment complex for the heart of this great Chinese city — matching its grand scale. The complex comprises five continuous flowing volumes, set apart yet fused or linked by a sequence of stretched bridges. Each volume adapts outwards, generating a panoramic architecture devoid of corners or abrupt transitions.

Galaxy Soho reinvents the great interior courts of Chinese antiquity to create an internal world of continuous open spaces. Here, architecture no longer incorporates rigid blocks, but instead comprises volumes which coalesce to achieve continuous mutual adaptation and fluid movement between buildings. Shifting plateaus impact upon each other to generate a deep sense of immersion and envelopment, allowing visitors to discover intimate spaces as they move deeper in the building.

Zaha Hadid Architects more info. Informações sobre este novo serviço no ultimasreportagens. We redesigned our drone and manufactured new parts. The photographs are by Fernando Guerra, who, together with the help of our "pilot", our newest team member, guarantees the desired framing and quality.

Information about this new service can be found at ultimasreportagens. Now with another dimension. Being invited to be part of an event such as this in Venice on the recent history of a country such as Israel - a country I had never visited before nor had any connection to- was a very special opportunity.

Not only because it was a unique trip that took me across the whole country, but also because it took me away from the routine of my daily reports, allowing me to participate on a different level as a artist invited to the 13th edition of the Venice Biennial in the Israeli pavilion called "Aircraft Carrier".

The collected works on display confront the dramatic changes in Israeli architecture sinceand the American influences that made them possible. Venice, a city as beautiful as it is impractical, expensive and full of tourists, still preserves its natural charm, and this edition of the biennial has many reasons to make it worth www terra letras musicas gospel visit.

It's a choice that hints at architecture's need to refocus on issues like engagement and communication, and to establish shared values. Not just as a mere illustrator of structures, but as its centerpiece, programa para arquitetura online. Several exhibits confirm the photographic image as the communicator par excellence of architecture. Only a visit to the actual site can beat it. Never before has so much been photographed, nor architecture so much discussed, and photography is increasingly fulfilling its relevant role in this communication process.

This is important for all those whose make their living from it, such as Iwan Ban, Leonardo Finotti, and Cristobal Palma whom I had the opportunity to meet once again in Venice. Fellow architectural photographers whom I very much respect.

We all photograph programa para arquitetura online different, often competing registers, but above all, we are friends, who reconnect through the structures photographed on the same day, or at events like this.

Having been appointed Canon Explorer, assuming the role of ambassador for Canon Europe in terms of architectural photography, as well as all the collaborations launched in recent months with architectural offices programa para arquitetura online Brazil, Italy, Spain, France and China, have served to give us strength and contributed to programa para arquitetura online the prevailing crisis in Portugal, and especially the dismay that it causes.

I feel we are just starting our engines and that everything still remains to be done.

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Never have we had so much work or high levels of responsibility. Nor have I had as much pleasure in making photography my way of life as today. Here's to the next events, but above all here's to reconnecting with friends, may there be time for that.

Here's to an autumn full of beautiful images. The first 17 Explorers joining the Ambassadors Programme have been specially selected by Canon representatives from around Europe and come from a wide range of photographic and film making genres including wildlife, sports, fashion, photojournalism, travel, portrait and weddings.

Photographers are inspired by other photographers; whose work invokes future creativity. The Ambassadors Programme is a really exciting platform to bring the photographic industry together to share their knowledge.

The Ambassadors Programme is scheduled to expand further with many more top photographers from around the world, who use and enjoy shooting with Canon equipment every day, joining to share their photographic passions and technical expertise.

Paulo Martins Barata, partner do atelier de arquitectura Promontório conduz esta grande viagem. X-ray of a photographic studio With the new millennium, architectural photography has gained an exponential preponderance.

The progressive affirmation of Fernando Guerra has accompanied the output from national and international architects, revealing a set of compelling recent architectural works. His photographic pieces present a privileged view of contemporary Portuguese architecture as well. He is an interesting man, who sees success as the result of unconditional dedication and regards courage as the willingness to pursue new directions.

This attitude and his real passion for Porsche left us with no option but to get him to do a photoshoot of the new Panamera. And he did that in his favourite city, Lisbon. We accompanied him and got to see his fascinating work and his home city. In the country of explorers, where the people see themselves as descendants of such explorers and reflect this in their mentality.

But maybe we'll discover new ways of doing things. To keep it rolling: Photography was ever-present in his life - even during his studies, he had a camera in his hand every day. But he knew that he wasn't going to spend the rest of his life in Macau. It wasn't just his yearning for home that he had to cope with, but also a certain Porsche Targa, which was waiting patiently for him at home in his father's garage and which he drove along the rugged coastline of Portugal at night in his dreams.

He moved back to Lisbon with his wife and children and accepted a professorship at a university there. His comfort zone, as he calls it, with a secure income and a structured lifestyle. But he doesn't feel really happy. And so he comes to a decision The tabela de oleo para motos photographer who captures futuristic buildings and breathtaking enfilades is standing in an ordinary garage.

The austere, white room in quanto custa faculdade de medicina Lisbon is one of the most important places in his life. The garage is located on a little side street; an inconspicuous programa para arquitetura online with an electric door leads inside.

The special thing about this decidedly ordinary location: He finds the garage calming, programa para arquitetura online, a place where he can leave his work behind and clear his head, says Guerra.

Entre mais de mil projetos, nossos leitores selecionaram a melhor arquitetura produzida nos países lusófonos. Estes arquitetos e estudantes de diversas partes do mundo escolheram os três edifícios que - devido à sua estética, inteligência, criatividade ou serviço à comunidade - representam a melhor arquitetura do ano. Este ano o ArchDaily Brasil fez parceria com a Saint Gobain para lançar esse prêmio para a comunidade de programa para arquitetura online.

Aqui anunciamos os vencedores do Prêmio Obra do Ano deescolhido pelos votos de mais de Foram anunciados os vencedores do Prémio ArchDaily Building of the Year de e dentro das 14 categorias premiadas, 2 projectos portugueses foram escolhidos por mais de Among the 4 Portuguese finalists, 2 projects were selected from photographic reports of Fernando Guerra, the only photographer with two winning projects in different categories: Casa Cabo de Lei de uso e ocupação do solo recife spaceworkers Public Architecture: Em torno da Collection e outras histórias… com Fernando Guerra Era para ter sido uma entrevista programada, cheia de ideias, baseada na Collection da Porsche Design, mas o caminho previsto foi minado logo no início.

Ler entrevista completa On the Collection and other stories Because without prior notice, our guest began to open up and the conversation flowed, and not only about the two watches we challenged him to try on. Far from the inescapable and award-winning architectural photographer that is Fernando Guerra, we became acquainted programa para arquitetura online a true wristwatch enthusiast. A passionate one, too. The jury of ADA Here are the first names: Fernando Guerra change this sterile and empty notion of architecture photography, introducing into it the living experience of the building, its movements prolonged throughout the whole day, giving a full vision of it, in a language of light of many gestures, spaces and moments.

Diary of a daily routine - Take 1. Perguntavam se também fazia casamentos ao fim de semana Ali ficaria até ao final do dia, o mesmo em que se soube que ele vencera o prémio com a série de fotografias em que captou a sede do Parque Natural da Ilha do Fogo, em Cabo Verde. Inaugurou em março de "com dias de festas incríveis". Aquela zona toda estava a começar a ter algumas coisas. De repente foi tudo embora.

Fernando Guerra, um prémio programa para arquitetura online um mensageiro Fernando Guerra, programa para arquitetura online, a prize for a messenger. Habitar Portugal 20 projectos fotografados por Fernando Guerra. Foram anunciados os vencedores do Prémio ArchDaily Building of the Year de e dentro das 14 categorias premiadas, 3 projectos portugueses foram escolhidos por mais de Among the seven Portuguese finalists, six projects were selected from photographic reports of Fernando Guerra, the only photographer with three winning projects in different categories: Partilhar o que fazemos - o trabalho dos nossos clientes, faz parte do nosso DNA.

Mas o mundo mudou, e se estamos felizes com os vencedores deste ano, estamos também muito orgulhosos dos vencedores do ano passado Sharing what we do - our clients work, is part of our DNA.

We started doing that when the only outlet for images were books and magazines. But the world has changed, and if we are happy with this year winners, we are also very proud of the ones from last year And the year before The exhibition is divided into four categories that explore different architectural qualities and a diverse technical approach and methodology.

The categories Building in use, Exteriors, Interiors and Sense of place demonstrate a broad range of photographic styles programa para arquitetura online approaches to the medium as well as featuring a diverse set of outstanding architectural forms.

This is the third year, Sto Werkstatt in partnership with Arcaid Images has presented Building Images and we are proud to continually create this platform to explore and celebrate the skills of architectural photographers, and to encourage debate around the discipline among photographers, architects and enthusiasts alike.

Arcaid awards exhibition and ceremony photographs: O prémio foi entregue em cerimónia realizada no dia 26 de novembro de na referida Faculdade.

One month after winning the most important architectural photography award, the Arcaid award, Fernando Guerra has won the grand prize for photography on the Plataforma Arquitectura website with his photos of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Diego Portales in Santiago, Chile. This project was chosen from among more than 1, others in South America with voting carried out by readers of the website.

Veja como o FIES funciona na prática

The award was presented at a ceremony held on November 26, in the winning building itself. How to take great photographs Successful photographers explain how and why they took a photograph. Soft cover - pages ISBN Announced at the ongoing World Architecture Festival WAF in Singapore, the image was selected by a panel of judges for its ability to " translate the sophistication of architecture into a readable and understandable two dimensions ".

The images were presented in four categories - Exteriors, Interiors, Sense of Place, and Building in Use - and judged by an esteemed panel on their atmospheric quality, composition, use of scale and more. Each shortlisted image was judged on the merits of the photography for composition, sense of place, atmosphere and use of scale; Guerra had the highest scoring image overall. The most important thing for us has been the concept and atmosphere programa para arquitetura online the images.

Fomos à descoberta do seu Mundo. Se podes programa para arquitetura online, repara. O seu autor é Fernando Guerra, fotógrafo de arquitetura português e embaixador europeu da Canon na qualidade.

Entre aeroportos, Guerra confessa à GQ que a fotografia surgiu bastante mais cedo do que a arquitetura. His work is known on a global scale. If you can resumão direito administrativo, observe. Between airports, Guerra confesses to GQ that photography came to him much earlier than the architecture.

I could have dropped this novelty, programa para arquitetura online any teen that drops a hobby that programa para arquitetura online becomes boring, programa para arquitetura online, but photography was good for me and, in truth, a few months later, life got more interesting, more colourful".

Ver artigo completo em PDF: See full article in PDF: Fernando Guerra on architecture. So when Canon invited him to put a pre-production model of the camera through its paces, he was only too happy to accept.

Once his test run was over, CPN caught up with Fernando to get his first impressions Read more on Canon website. It is with great pride that we announce that New York's MoMA, one of the world's most prestigious museums, has acquired five photographs by Fernando Guerra for its selection of works dedicated to architecture.

Fernando Guerra thus becomes the only portuguese architectural photographer to be represented in one of the história resumida do brasil important collections of world architecture.

Reunimos assim alguns programa para arquitetura online dos projectos de Isay Weinfeld, Marcio Kogan, Arthur Casas e Fernanda Marques que testemunham este elo luso-brasileiro, legitimado pelo recente convite do Archdaily Brasil que elege Fernando Guerra como seu parceiro. Consequently, we bring together some examples of projects by Isay Weinfeld, Marcio Kogan, Arthur Casas and Fernanda Marques which are representative of this Luso-Brazilian connection, legitimized by the recent invitation from ArchDaily Brazil to choose Fernando Guerra as its partner.

Ningbo, Jiangsu, Huaian, Taipei, Macau, entre outros. No ArchDailya história começa assim: During 22 days the architects traveled through many Asian countries inaugurating buildings, visiting new projects and meeting other architects like Pritzker Laureate Whang Shu. We were able to follow this intimate journey through the images taken by Guerra and programa para arquitetura online every day in his Instagram — a careful, spontaneous and delicate photographic narrative that shows a little bit of what were these weeks with Siza and Castanheira were like.

Back in Portugal, Fernando Guerra published an interesting report on those last weeks and generously shared with us both his writings and his beautiful pictures. Nessa procura criam caracteristicas da arte barroca, volumes, espaços, perspectivas, ambientes, profundidades, detalhes.

Realidades quase irreais de beleza, de conforto, de harmonia. Retratam-se, mutuamente, no espaço e no tempo, tornando-se intemporais. In their search they make shadows, como é feito o exame de tomografia, spaces, perspectives, environments, depths, details.

Realities that are almost unreal in their beauty, comfort and harmony. Both of them are unsettled by their pursuit and desire to do better. They both portray themselves, in space and time, and have become timeless. Without light the work of either is without meaning objective or reason. De dia os muros compridos desenham o edifício e cozem-se com a estrada criando um labirinto e jogos de sombra.

Todo o edifício é envolvido por rampas e espaços com espécies vegetais representativas do parque natural que se estendem para o exterior do edifício, fundindo-o com a envolvente. The status of protected area of national interest forced the zoning of farming, with limitation to construction, and introduced rules against the free occupation of programa para arquitetura online town, generating collisions of interests with frequent clashes.

The natural landscape, deeply marked by the volcano and its crater, is a unique and rare beauty, with the potential to become a world heritage site. In this context, the basic idea was to design a building so as to be part of the landscape and the landscape being part of the building, and to have sort of a melting of darker skins.

During daytime, the long walls shape the building and blend with the road creating a maze and a mix of shadows. At night, bright light is avoided, so to protect the native birds, all lighting is indirect. The challenges of shortage of local resources became an opportunity and, therefore, the building was made by the people and for the people, using local materials and techniques. To address the lack of any public utility grids, the building has a guaranteed energy independence with solar energy as the main source and a double water grid; water is taken from the roofs and daily used water supplemented with large deposits, stocked annually after the rainy season.

The whole building is surrounded by ramps and spaces with representative plant species of the natural park extending to the exterior of the building and merging it with the surroundings. The building is divided into two zones: Cultural Zone - composed of a covered programa para arquitetura online, an open auditorium, library and terrace bar; Administrative Zone - comprises meeting rooms, offices, laboratory and technical areas. With servidão de passagem código civil Headquarter fully operational, the Natural Park is increasingly valued, which contributes to enrich the social, cultural and economic sectors of the island, starting trabalho criativo cirurgia integrate and enhance in a harmonious way the surrounding space.

Estive na worten e programa para arquitetura online o Asus Njk Cnh. O que me aconselha? O PC que aconselharam parece bastante bom. Vou entrar este ano na Faculdade de Arquitetura e estou a pensar comprar um pc novo. Gostaria que me aconselhasse qual o melhor computador. Acabei o curso de arquitectura agora e preciso de um portatil.

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Intel Core i7 — HQ 2. Olhando para as especificações o Acer é superior em tudo e o preço é menor. Ola, sou arquiteta e preciso de um portatil para trabalhar em autocad com arquivos programa para arquitetura online pesados, imagens inseridas ,xref.

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Confesso que nao gosto muito mas tenho que ter um programa legal para rodar nele. Sera que consigo unir os 2 trabalhos em um unico instrumento? O trabalho com 3 d e cad é oais importante, claro! Aguardo um dica urgente. Caso tenha mais perguntas envie mail para arqetec gmail. Ola sou estudante de arquitetura e estou na duvida entre esses dois laptops pode me ajudar?

Gigabit Ethernet, Wifi-N y Bluetooth. Mas pelo que vi nenhum desses notebooks tem um disco SSD. Gostaria de comprar um novo que suporte bem Photoshop e que tenha a imagem como prioridade. Programa para arquitetura online de investir num PC novo pense talvez em leva-lo a uma loja e proceder caderno de seguros uma limpeza das ventoinhas e troca de pasta térmica.

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