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What now lies on the lush green fields to the south of the river Thames? And how have the river's banks been eaten into by the insatiable appetite of urban development? Move the spyglass to find out, and remember to zoom-in to fully interrogate finer details!

On his way to sainthood as an avatar of love and justice, Martin Luther King, Jr. Whether deliberately sanitized or just drawn in broad strokes for easy consumption, the Civil Rights leader we think we know, we may not know well at all. King himself ruefully noted the tendency of his audiences to box him in when he began publically and forcefully to challenge U.

His political and economic ideas are clear in his speeches against the Vietnam War and his call to work toward economic equality. In his graduate work at Boston University and Harvard in the 50she read and wrote on Hegel, Kant, Marx, and other philosophers. At the top of the post, you cultura filmes online see his handwritten syllabus view in a larger format herea sweeping survey of the European tradition in political philosophy.

Further up or here in a larger format see a typewritten exam with seven questions from the reading students were to answer any five. The syllabus and exam give us a sense of how King situated his own radical politics both within and against a long tradition of philosophical thought.

Free Online Philosophy Courses. How Martin Luther King, Jr. On the Power of Teaching Philosophy in Prisons. Teaching with Themesis recommended for professional educators looking to develop the pedagogical skills the department employs to get visitors to engage with the art. An early lesson on how artists capture environments considers three works: Regular readers of Open Culture are likely to have a handle on some of the ways art stars Frida Kahlo and Andy Warhol explored cultura filmes online, the course's third week theme, but what about Glenn Ligona living African American conceptual artist?

In fact, teachers cultura filmes online to expand their Black History Month curriculum could spark some lively discussions by showing students the extremely accurate facsimiles of 19th-century runaway slave ads featuring physical descriptions of Ligon, cultura filmes online, solicited from friends who'd been told they were supplying details for a hypothetical Missing Person poster. Offered on Coursera, the 5-week course requires approximately 2 hours of study and one quiz per week.

Enroll hereor browse MoMAs other current offerings also on Coursera:. Open Curso tecnico de nutrição em salvador has a partnership with Coursera.

If readers enroll in certain Coursera courses, it helps support Open Culture. The Tree of Modern Art: Or 20s silent avant-garde, the cool noir of the 30s and 40s, 50s B-grade sci-fi, 60s psychedelia and French new wave, or 80s popcorn flicks…?

Whatever kind of cinema grabs your attention probably first grabbed your attention through the design of the movie poster, a genre that gets its due in novelty shops and specialist exhibitions, but often goes unheralded in popular conceptions of art. Despite its utilitarian and unabashedly commercial function, the movie poster can just as well be a work of art as jogo de engenharia other form.

Failing that, movie posters are at least always essential archival artifacts, snapshots of the weird collective unconscious of mass culture: The Mad Men era was a period of institutional cultura filmes online and rampant sexual harassment, not unlike our own time. It was also a laboratory for a libidinous anarchy that threatened to unleash the pent-up energy and cultural anxiety of millions of frustrated teenagers onto the world at large, as would happen in the decades to come.

What we see in the marketing of films like Five Branded Women will vary widely depending on our orientations and political sensibilities. Is this cheap exploitation or an empowering precursor to Mad Max: For cultural theorists and film historians, these pulpy advertisements offer windows into the psyches of their audiences and the filmmakers and production companies who gave them what they supposedly wanted.

Enter the online collection here. Carl Jung Psychoanalyzes Hitler: From Caligari to Hitler: Every Day From to Get the best cultural and educational resources on the web curated for you in a daily email. Unsubscribe at any time.

Open Culture editor Dan Colman scours the web for the best educational media. An earlier version of this post originally appeared on our site in July, Images or Orwell and Dali via Wikimedia Commons Should we hold artists to the same standards of human decency that we expect of everyone projeto folclore brasileiro no ensino fundamental The London Time Machine: Here's how ESRI describes the map: Martin Luther King, Jr.

We're hoping to rely on loyal readers, rather than erratic ads. Click the Donate button and support Open Culture. Fiction Free Audio Books: The films are ad-supported, cultura filmes online. FreeMoviesOnline features a large selection of public domain films.

Unfortunately Hulu limits its programming to a Cultura filmes online audience a policy that really needs to changebut it's the pound gorilla in the US, and there are some decent films here. You will find some Hulu titles sprinkled in above. From what I can tell, it's cultura filmes online in partnership with Hulu.

But this collection has the advantage of pointing you to some decent films. Click here and scroll down. You can also find another re-packager of Hulu flix over at Veoh.

Movies include A Hometown in Heartmade in the early years of Korean Independence; debut film of noted auteur Sang-soo Hong The day a pig fell into a well ; A Coachmancultura filmes online, the first Korean film to win awards internationally; and more. It offers access to s of documentaries, animated films and trailers. You can also access this collection via a free iPhone app. You should also cultura filmes online out our own free iPhone appwhich will let you download free audio books, free courses, free language lessons, and other types of intelligent media.

If you're looking for more free films, you should pay this site a visit. OVGuide is an up-to-date guide to online video, including TV shows, movies, and video games. It offers another way to find free movies online. Other PBS productions are also housed here.

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This site essentially puts torrents online and lets you watch films posted by other users, including many new films. It's hard to believe that this site is entirely kosher, but it's very popular one of the top 3, sites on the web and hardly a closely held secret.

You can view films at snagfilms. Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive: The Archive serves as a comprehensive informational and archival resource worldwide for moving image materials pertaining to the Holocaust and related aspects of World War II. Though this site typically offers arts films on a pay-per-view basis, it does feature a series of free films.

Each month, a free film is featured see example here. The site also hosts free international films restored by Martin Scorsese's Word Cultura filmes online Foundation, mentioned below. Tends to redistribute films from Hulu but some other gems one can be found here. Ok, it's not the most enriching collection of films. But if you're looking for something light Cultura filmes online List of Public Domain Films: A great resource for finding films in the public domain.

You can watch them for free online. YouTube hosts a series of full-length movies that are likely geo-restricted. The Screening Room presents high quality, short independent films to YouTube users and promises to roll out four new films every two weeks.

The collection includes some Academy-Award winners and other quality films. For more Free Culture, see our other major collections: Get the best cultural and educational resources on the web curated for you in a daily email, cultura filmes online. Unsubscribe at any time. Open Atacado de artigos para festa editor Dan Colman scours the web for the best educational media.

Great Classics, Indies, Noir, Westerns, etc. A bonanza for fans of Korean film. These all appear on Mosfilm's official YouTube channel.

Click "CC" for titles.

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The erotic film was censored. It's made available by the Russian film studio Mosfilm. Film is made available by Mosfilm. Their very first feature film.

Click "CC" for subtitles. Made inreleased in uniforme positivo curitiba Lovecraft Film Festivalthis film modernizes Poe's story, situating it in Hollywood Sci-fi film stars Christopher Lee.

His goal was "to grasp the feverish reality of life in the Don Basin, to convey as true to life as possible its atmosphere of the clash of hammers, of train whistles, of the songs of workers at rest. Kubrick didn't like how his first film came out, so removed it from circulation. Police lieutenant Sam Carson investigates a political murder after the victim is dumped at the door of police headquarters.

When a scheming fortune hunter finds his rich wife is not going to die as expected, he and his lover make other plans to get her millions. Inthe film entered the public domain. They all die mysteriously afterwards though. Ulmer and starring John Carradine, this film became a cult classic for horror fans, cultura filmes online. Jones Barry Sullivan when he suddenly dropped dead.

About the film, Cahiers du cinema wrote "To what degree this film is a work of cultura filmes online, we are not certain but, in any case, it is strong stuff.

HD widescreen version here. First film in which Yul Brynner appeared. This move became the basis for "Dragnet," and stars Jack Webb. Impact - Free - Arthur Lubin's well reviewed noir flic. Considered a little known classic you need to watch. Unbeknownst to him, he is not only hiding in the same boarding house as the only witness to his crime, he is sharing the same room.

And the story goes from there. A film noir great. The coma was brought on when she heard loud arguing, went to her window, and saw a man strike his wife with a candlestick and kill her. Alternate version found here. British thriller is based on novel with same name by John Buchan. The film tells the story of a phony spiritualist racket.

Directed by Anthony Mann. Directed by Rudolph Maté. While working at his brother's gas station, he becomes very interested in the armored cultura filmes online that makes regular stops at the bank across the street.

Everson, who pronounced The Kennel Murder Relatórios educação infantil a "masterpiece" in the August issue of Films in Reviewconsider it one of the greatest screen adaptations of a Golden Age mystery novel. Stars Margaret Lockwood cultura filmes online Michael Redgrave.

A WWII veteran goes back to England after the war only to discover that his wartime sweetheart has got mixed up with a dangerous spy ring. A landlady suspects her lodger is a murderer killing women around London.

It's said that this is Hitchcock's first "Hitchcockian" film. Directed by Sam Fuller.

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Here's the gist of the plot: Entered into Cannes Film Festival. Ulmer's femme fatale film starring Hedy Lamarr. Movie is at bottom of the linked page. Her ghost seeks aid from banker Cosmo Topper to find out why and by whom. Like many kung fu movies from the late s, the main theme of the film focuses on revenge. Heroes of Shaolin 2 - Free - The sequel to the film above. Can Dialectics Break Bricks? Although Tien agrees to help Ling take down the leader of a local gambling syndicate, she nonetheless still plans to avenge her sister's death cultura filmes online she holds Ling responsible for.

Four hours of non stop action. In this sequel to The Street Fighterhe sets out to bust up a phony charity put como fazer brancol by the Yukuza.

They face execution but are reprieved to go on a special assignment to run a Chinese labor camp the Japanese operate. They work the prisoners so hard they rise up against them. Starring Sonny Chiba, the film was the first to get an X rating for violence. Considered a radical departure from the Western genre at the time. Marshal trying to capture the Polka Dot Bandit. Some consider it the best of the Wayne Lone Star films.

Alternative version on YouTube here. This movie was filmed back to back with "The Sundowners" on the same set. He becomes a bounty hunter, determined to exact revenge. Directed by Larry G. Spangler, stars Larry Williamson. Escaping from the Sheriff, they decide to go straight. But when they meet their old cohort, The Blanco Kid, he tells their new boss they are outlaws and they are in big trouble again.

Loosely based on Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew. He gamaline v para que serve plays its lead character, Cultura filmes online. Find YouTube version here. Entertaining early Wayne film. Features Wayne in singing role. Features cultura filmes online stagecoach chase. When both of their parents die, they decide to push on alone. Stars Dewey Martin and Aldo Ray. Directed by Frank McDonald.

One of his boys, Chip is hiding stolen money sent by his father the outlaw leader King Blaine. After Blaine is killed, Chip decides to pay off Gabby's debt with this money, but trouble arises when cultura filmes online remaining gang members arrive looking for the loot.

Cultura filmes online western directed by Robert Bradbury. Stars John Wayne and Buck Jones. John Travers John Wayne decides to take on the job of sheriff and do something about it. One of Wayne's better post-Stagecoach performances. A rival stagecoach company tries to stop them. It was created at the Chaplin Studio. It was a quickly made two-reeler to help fill a gap while working on his first feature The Kid. It is about a day outing with his wife and the kids and things don't go smoothly.

The partners become fond of their counterparts and begin chasing each other around. A policeman looking for a professional Don Juan becomes involved, as does a Turk. Pest and one as Mr. The film was created from Chaplin's stage work from a play called Mumming Estatistica media moda mediana. One of the earliest full-length films about space travel, the most notable part of the film remains its remarkable constructivist Martian sets and costumes designed by Aleksandra Ekster.

By the pioneering director Georges Méliès. Based on Sir John Tenniel's original illustrations, cultura filmes online. One of the most influential propaganda films of all time. Broken Blossoms - Free - Silent film directed by D.

Griffith and starring Lillian Gish. There the wardrobe girl has three rival admirers: See an alternate version on Archive. Also released under the title, When Boys Leave Home. Shows Poe writing The Raven. Loosely based on a play by Noël Coward. Murnau directs film version of Goethe's classic tale. This was Murnau's last German movie. The nazis destroyed the sound version of the film, deeming it "degenerate art.

Written and directed by Joe Strummer. Griffith's most ambitious silent film is one of the landmarks in cinematic history. Shows the joys of life in a Soviet village centers around the activities of the Young Pioneers.

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