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Also, 'Hyrcanus' is Greek for 'John' in Hebrew. They allude to their relative both through the Julian Caesars and the Domitii Ahenobarbiiwhen they speak of parricide because supposedly, Nero killed his motherin 1st Timothy 1: And, also in 2nd Tim. Alluded to in Matt.

Actually, they allude loosely to all of their relatives that had 'one eye' it might have even been a title, like 'the lion' or 'the Great'including Petronianus One-Eye, Petronius Arbiter's brother. Antigonas One-Eye was the brother of Alexander the Great. Philip of Macedonia who was a Greekhad a son named ' Lagos ', whose son was the 1 st Ptolemy. The great-great grandson of the 1 st Ptolemy married Cleopatra 1, who was an Antiochian.

Their great-great granddaughter was Cleopatra 7 the Cleopatra that we associate with Julius Caesarjosephus new testament, her sister, Arsinoe, had a son who married Alexanra Regent relatorio anual pcmso was a Hasmonean i. Their daughter, was Mariamne 1 who married King Herod. King Herod, was an Imudean. The Imudeans came from a branch of the Maccabees that sprang from Eleazor Auran through his son Jason.

And from King Herod, of course, sprang the Herodians. Flavius Sabinus 2 a Flavian. She swears 'tis hers, and true she speaks, For, I know where she bought it.

The writers of the New Testament were busy writing in their own kind of wit: Only when one knows that the New Testament is a mass of mixed things written by the various Piso family members is one able to make out the many 'inside' jokes placed in the N. Since these writers of the New Testament were descendants of the deliverers of the 'first fruit' Judaismthey felt that they had the right to make a new religion if they felt like josephus new testament.

In this joke, Proculus Piso refers to the New Testament as 'the lump ' 'Phurama', 'lump', 'a josephus new testament of mixed things'. Pliny the Younger helped Arrius piso write 'Luke' and 'Acts'. However, because these people were not holy men or religious, but rather, belligerent braggarts, they ridicule the Jewish Rabbis of the day in these books and make 'inside' jokes.

Many of what are called ' inconsistencies ', are actually inside jokes. See 'Piso Numbers' 41 and Because he was the fictional son of Arrius Piso as Josephus! Various spellings of 'Joseph' and 'Josephus' make them identical. Arrius Piso and his son Justus wrote chapters 1 through 15 of 'Acts', and Josephus new testament 'Justin Martyr'wrote chapters 16 and 17, and Pliny the Younger went on to help Justus write chapters 18 through 28 of 'Acts of the Apostles'.

Attempts have been made to explain artigo e sua classificação away as a copist's error.

These people who were writing the gospels pretended to be backward Galalean disciples, playing their part to the hilt. In their roles as backward disciples they couldn't be too fluent in Greek, they 'had' to misspell things at times. And in so doing, they made use of those mis-spellings. This one combined the first half of the name 'Josephus' with the acrostic initial for 'Christ'.

Meaning, of ouvir musicas no letras, 'Josephus is Christ'. Arrius Piso wanted it known that he was not less than Socrates. Guess who also makes note of this? Marcus Aurelius, Piso's great-grandson! That's right, a Roman 'salute' to the Herodian hierarchy - their kinsmen! Arrius Piso jokes about the use of his number system. Arrius Piso as Jesus claimed to be the 'son of David', as many others in his day had also claimed - including Hillel the Pharisee!

But by 'son', he meant 'descendant'. This is the correct transation from the Greek. He is also called 'the son of God', 'the son of the living God', and 'the likeness of God'.

The only real 'living God' was 'Caesar'. Arrius Piso was a descendant of the deified Caesars! It's another hint to suppliment "it was written in Greek, Latin, and Hebrew. And so it was! They used rhetoric in combination with the components of each of those languages! They inter-changed the words that they use when they say 'Lord'. Josephus new testament is a big hint at what they were doing, especially when mentioned in conjunction with statements such as "the mystery of the Gospels.

Julius Piso hints at what they were doing in 'Revelations' The rupture of the Rapture. If you think about it, josephus new testament, you'll soon realize that the 'second coming' of Christ, or 'The Rapture' as they call it, is a joke - like many other jokes written into the New Testament. Why is it a joke? Because in the storyJesus came into the world once, josephus new testament he was born to Mary. Then, he died, that's the first coming. Then, he came back again after three days and that's another jokerevisão de parto is the 'second' coming!

The 'second coming', that the Christian fundamentalists call 'The Rapture', will never come. Because it had already happened in their own great Jesus story written by Arrius Piso! This joke is well known within the inner circle, and is the source for the saying; "The third time is a josephus new testament. A man couldn't help but be ignorant, they were burning all of the books, and writing their own!

No one could write without Caesar's permission, and he only permitted his family to write. It was a closed environment! Hitler certainly had good teachers.

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It just so happened, that the cruci-fiction in the Jesus story took place on Friday, while the sun was still out, and Jesus if he were a real personby law, had to be taken down from the cross by dusk not only by ordinary Licitações direito administrativo law, but also because dusk Friday was the beginning of the Sabbeth, which lasted till dusk Saturday.

Let's say for the sake of arguement, that he was crucified at dawn at 'cock-crow' as it is calledthen let's count the days. The last mention we have of Jesus is before the end of the Sabbeth, which is Saturday at dusk.

The next is that he has risen before dawn Sunday! That's not even Two days! But in the story, three separate days are implied deliberately - to throw us off the trail! Just another one of those darned inconsistancies, that, by the way, is the source for the expression; "What a difference a day makes.

Arrius Pisoas Jesus, calls ' God' his 'father' literally, with the use of the word ' abba '. But this same word also means 'ancestor' or 'fore-father', remember, the diefied 'God' Julius Caesar was an 'ancestor' of Arrius Piso! So, read the 'Lord's Prayer' this way; "My ancester who art in heaven, hidden sacred, hallowed be thy name.

But he goes on to hint about it in the rest of his writings. No, they didn't follow cunningly devised fables, they were busy writing them! Arrius Piso starts off writing 'Acts' by addressing it to Pliny the Youngerwho, he calls ' Theophilus ' loved of Godbecause he is 'loved of God'. That is, 'loved' or 'favored' by Arrius Piso and the Caesars! To find out who wrote what, you have to know the meanings of the names. They wrote the New testament in a narrative josephus new testament and used josephus new testament names to play the characters, as in a play.

Knowing this, the New testament can be broken down into acts and scenes to see who is playing who. In the year 6 C. He was called 'messiah' by the Jews. His rebellion was crushed. Then, in 44 C. Finally, josephus new testament, in 60 C. These Pharisees were becoming a real threat to Rome. This is when Lucius Piso started to work on his story of a 'messiah'. Arrius Pisolater inserts these 'messiahs' of the Jews in his writings to josephus new testament ridicule the Jews.

For, it was his secret way of saying; "See, it is because of these 'messiahs' of yours, that we made ours. Until about the year 80 C. Josephus hints at the use of triangular numbers such as in his 'Antiquities of the Jews', Book 12, Chapt. He is also the 'mathematician' circa C. So, Weinmann resultados exames was 'Nicomachus' the victor of the battle of Garasa.

Also, in josephus new testament, Josephus is the first person to mention Garasa. These numbers and their meanings are preserved for us in many of the books of the day, all one must do is look. Some are main artigos para casamento, and some are combined numbers.

It is assumed that the Pisos didn't use the numbers 1 or 2 as designators, because in Pythagorean mathematics on which the number system is basedthe numbers 1 and 2 are not considered numbers.

Normally, they spelled it 'Piso' Latin formthe Greek form is 'Peison'. Jesus died at age 33, because Arrius Piso's ancestor 'Alexander the Great' died at That josephus new testament, 'Flavius' in Greek small numbers, and small number 8 as 'P' for 'Piso'.

Two m's equal 80, which was 'P' for 'Piso'.

Her married name was 'Arria Piso'. And also in Rev. The names 'Fabius' and 'Justus' together totaled exame de ceratometria Justus played the 'holy' Church Father - Justin Martyr! In Aramaic another semetic language'Nun' means 'fish'. Isn't the son of a fish also a fish? Note that even today, the 'fish' is still a symbol for 'Jesus'.

However, the family used Greek letters to spell it when giving it numerical value. The spelling of the name in Greek is 'Peison'. But Piso's first son Alexwhom he named after his ancestor 'Alexander the Great', died about the year 95 Josephus new testament. Pliny the Younger took josephus new testament number when he married Arrius Piso's granddaughter who josephus new testament Alex's daughterand in effect, became a new son with the name 'Alexander', as the masculine form of 'Calpurnia Alexandra' whom Pliny married.

Reference for this is in 'Lucian', written by Marcus Aurelius. In the New Testament, the word 'Amen' was used to honor Pliny the Younger, because it too totaled What Christian knows that they honor Pliny the Younger every time they use the word 'Amen'? Also 'C' for 'Calpernius' in Latin initial system. An example of its use is in 'Revelations'. It is the first letter of the name 'Christ' in Greek, and therefore is an acrostic initial for 'Christ'.

See 'Council of Nicaea in Bithynia c. This is how he did it. He made the total of the entire last phrase of Rev. The total of the checking number was from the Greek initial system, and so was the entire last phrase of Rev.

Because it was not only a part of the total, but also a separate number unto itself. No, it was written in the form of three letters with numerical values! Josephus new testament letters are, 'Chi', 'Xi', 'Bau'. The other part of was 'Xi' josephus new testament 'Bau'. This was 66 in small numbers. Arrius Piso himself, writting as Josephus, uses the number to denote himself when saying how 'gold' was given to King Solomon.

He says; '' talents of 'gold'. This was part of the checking number for Recently, has been seen as part of an order number for a video tape of the Pope's visit to Los Angeles that was advertised on television. That's the name 'Piso' in the Greek small number system! Why did they use code?

They were forced to use code. As Abelard Reuchlin says: Writing of this openly would have brought Rome's swift vengeance and the destruction of the Jewish people. Through the Gospels, epistles, and 'history', the Pisos and their relatives re-created the environment of the Roman Empire. They advised the masses to be humble and to respect authority their own synthesized and ill gotten authority.

They advised servants slaves to be subject to their masters Ellen g white funeral 1, 2: For, 'their' reward was waiting for them in heaven Matt. Later, when the family tried to omit ' Revelations ' from the canon, Eusebius Julius Constantius 2Constantine's sontry to throw you off the trail by saying something similar to - "I guess Christians put a mention of Christ in Josephus.

Julius Constantius 2 took the ' nomes de plume ' of ' Eusebius ' because it was the masculine form of his second wife's name of 'Eusebia' 'Hesu', 'Bios'. Encyclopedia Americana,'N' for 'Numerals'. Universal Standard Encyclopedia, vol. Suetonius; 'The Twelve Caesars', Nero Trawick, Second Edition. Guthrie, Platonist Press, Suetonius; 'The Twelve Caesars', Augustus These, and other Greek documents are all on papyrus, but some are on skin and give administrative registers, josephus new testament, civil and military.

It was written specifically to be the ending to the Modelo de curriculo de fisioterapeuta storyand ' finis coronat opus ' 'the end crowns the work'. It took a little while to think rendimento de telhas por m2 'Revelations' after the few events that followed the final dispersion of the Jews, which took place in the year Julius used these two names in the 'history' of the time, ' Severus ' and ' Servianus ', which were derivatives of the family name inherited from his mother Boionia 'Servilia' Priscilla.

The book of ' Revelations ' was written as the ending of the Jesus story, so it was the one great power that Julius had. Arrius Piso gave his sons authority over his Jesus story josephus new testament this way; he gave Justus Piso the right to play Jesus in the Fourth Gospeland he gave Julius the right to end the story, because even early on, it was a concern of Julius' that this Jesus story not last forever.

In writing the New Testamentthe family used a play on words. In RevelationsJulius used a few of his own, mixed with a few of his favorites from previous books. He uses the Piso number 42, which was used earlier in Matthew 1: Julius alludes to the war that he had helped Hadrian to fight, josephus new testament, that lasted over 3 years. This helps to date 'Revelations'. Where Julius Piso says 'forty-two months', he is saying, josephus new testament and a half years!

Josephus new testament just before that he says, "Who is able to make war with the beast? First, he means that another beast Piso is able to make war with the beast Piso. He is saying that he is able to make war with the other Pisos, and that this is the way that he was doing it.

Second, he means the battle itself, paying homage to the brave Jews that died trying to fight the Pisos. In a way, kind of apologizing to the Jews for causing the Diaspora. Because of an obscure passage in Ezekiel Josephus Arrius Piso wrote the first version of the book that we know of as 'Esther', where the character 'Hamen' has a gallows built, only to end up being hung upon it himself.

That version was written around the year 95 C. Calling Arrius Piso 'Hamin' 'Hamen'they were saying that he worked only to hang himself in the end. While the Pisos had Christians make cakes called ' cross-top buns ' and mark them with a 'T' for the cross. But Julius didn't stop there, by just associating 'Hamon' with 'Gog' to identify his father. He uses 'Gog' with 'Magog'.

Who is ' Magog '? Because Justus also plays Jesus. That's why in Rev. Here is the real reason why Santa Claus is ' Saint Nick '. Father was 'Balaam', which is Hebrew for the Greek name 'Nicolas'.

Arrius already was ' Nicolas ', because he was ' Nicomachus ' victor of the battle. Also see the Jewish 'Gittin'. A 'living Mountain' would move. It appears that soon before the publication of The Antiquities Justus of Tiberias had published his history contabilidade e patrimonio the Jewish War, with serious accusation of misconduct during the war in Galilee directed against Josephus.

It is possible that Josephus' third and autobiographical work, the Lifewas published at the same time as the Antiquities and as a reply to Justus. Some scholars, however, maintain that the Life was published about A.

Josephus' final extant work to be published was Against Apionor to give its original title, On the Antiquity of the Jews. In the first part of this work Josephus sets out to refute the detractions and contentions of anti-Semitic writings. In the course of doing so he excerpts from a large number of works no longer extant.

In the second part Josephus gives his positive defence of the Jewish people, setting forth the inner value of Judaism and its superiority over Hellenism. In this we have a rather full presentation of Jewish halakah as known to Josephus. The Romans defeated Josephus' forces and he himself was eventually captured by them. Josephus was brought before Vespasian and predicted that he would become emperor.

Vespasian kept josephus new testament in custody until he was indeed declared emperor by his troops in 69 CE in Egypt. At that point he released the prophetic Josephus, and the future historian returned to Judea with Titus, Vespasian's son, who now had the task of suppressing the revolt. At Titus's behest he would, from time to josephus new testament, try to convince the defenders of Jerusalem to surrender, but to no avail; he was himself injured in the process War 5.

Furthermore, the fact that Josephus is writing under imperial patronage tended to give the work a pro-Roman bias. A comparison between The Jewish War and the Life does not present a consistent portrayal of the Galilean campaign.

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