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Applying to an international university program? Keen to work in an English-speaking country? IELTS is one of the most common English language test required by schools and companies and it is widely accepted. IELTS is accepted as evidence of English language proficiency by over 9, organisations in more than countries, for education, immigration and professional purposes.

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Besides its good international reputation, this the most widely recognized English test across the globe, due to the high quality control criteria which its questions need to accomplish. The test is designed to assess different English language skills — speaking, listening, writing and reading — including a live conversation with an evaluator, which prepares you for real life situations, whether it is to talk traducoes de musica your international colleagues at school, to your clients at work or even during a trip abroad.

The IELTS examiners ensure an accurate ies belo horizonte by applying strict criteria to each test, which means that the result will precisely reflect your English language level. IELTS results follow a 9-band scoring but even though there is no limit score for "failed" and "approved", most institutions require results placed around 6 and 7 points.

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If your score is less than 5, it will be recommended to repeat the test. The 9-band system is used worldwide so the interpretation of results becomes fairly consistent. When a university, company or official body requests the IELTS test as a requirement for any application process, a minimum score that you should have obtained to apply is also commonly requested.

For those who want to follow a training course or study without being at the higher education level, the IELTS is sufficient and is also valid for work, travel or to emigrate to an English speaking country. Whether you want to study in the US, in the UK or ies belo horizonte in another English-speaking country such as Australia, Canada or New Zealand, IELTS gives you the chance to train ies belo horizonte ear to different native English accents — the reading assessment incorporates a mix of all of them.

This happens because the test is designed by Australians, New Zealanders, British and Americans, who try to build a real approach to each English language variation according to the terms used on advertisements, newspapers, books and companies in their countries. With dates available soon regularly throughout the year, you can take your IELTS test in different British Council-accredited offices around the world.

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You can conveniently register online, then the British Council office in your country will process your registration and send it to the nearest testing center. The results are ies belo horizonte 13 days after completion of the test and it can also be directly sent to an institution or organization under your request.

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